Taylor Swift spends 10th week at #1, highlighting a lack of major releases this year

Taylor Swift spends 10th week at #1, highlighting a lack of major releases this year

Taylor Swift’s “Tortured Poets” tops the charts for a 10th consecutive week today.

‘Poets’ has sold approximately 4.5 million copies, including streaming. Excluding streaming, the number is 2.5 million.

According to Luminate, Swift has sold approximately 11 million albums since January 1, including streaming.

New to the chart this week at number 2 is Gracie Abrams’ debut album. The singing, songwriting daughter of director JJ Abrams was Swift’s opening act for much of last year. They wrote songs together. Abrams is talented, but she’s also Swift-approved.

There’s not much else happening in music and hardly anything for male artists. Billie Eilish and Chappell Roan are in the top 20, as are Ariana Grande and Sabrina Carpenter. They’re all pop tarts. Maybe Jerry Seinfeld was on to something!

The Grammy Awards, based on what’s left of their eligibility year, will be all about these women and Beyonce. Remember “Cowboy Carter”?

The only male artist who consistently sells albums is country star Morgan Wallen, a demonstrable racist who has clearly found a strong fan base.

We can expect a new album from Eminem called “The Death of Slim Shady” released before the September 30 Grammy deadline. A new single called “Tobey” is scheduled for July 2, featuring Big Sean and Babytron.

Otherwise the outlook is depressing. No one seems to be working on a magnum opus, a visionary project, an effort that is even remotely worth comparing with something from the sixties, seventies or even eighties.

Is there an authentic new true superstar? We are waiting.