Jay Park Almost Became A BIGBANG Member? The Shocking Truth Revealed: News: KpopStarz

Jay Park Almost Became A BIGBANG Member? The Shocking Truth Revealed: News: KpopStarz

On June 28, Daesung’s YouTube channel “Zip Daesung” presented an intriguing video titled ‘Oh My God! Is this Bang Girls?’, which brought together Wonder Girls members Sunye and Yubin. The trio delved into fascinating behind-the-scenes stories about their respective groups, BIGBANG and Wonder Girls.

During their conversation, Daesung shared insights about their MBTI personalities. He revealed himself as an introvert (I) and said:

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“Jiyong is E,” referring to BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. He continued, “Both Jiyong and Chanhyuk from AKMU are ENTP. Chanhyuk seized the opportunity and suggested, ‘Shall we create a duo group called ENTP?’ Then, like a briefing, he started presenting his plan. Everyone listened quietly, after which CEO Yang Hyun-suk said, “Stop joking and just eat your food.”

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Looking back on their internships, Daesung named key figures within their respective companies.

“JYP’s representative trainees were Sunye and Jo Kwon, while there were GD and Taeyang in YG,” he said.

In response to the rumor that Jay Park almost joined BIGBANG, Daesung humorously noted:

“If he had joined, my position would have been in danger. It is good that he did not join.”

Yubin shared her experiences of joining Wonder Girls, highlighting the competitive nature of the industry.

BIGBANG’s Daesung, Wonder Girls’ Yubin and Sunye
(Photo: Youtube (SS recording))

“When I joined ‘Tell Me,’ there were candidates for my spot at that time. Hyomin and Hyosung,” she revealed, noting that JYP cast her while she was with another company. A former member of the legendary group Five Girls, Yubin made her debut just two weeks after being cast by JYP.

When Yubin was asked about territorial behavior from existing members when she joined, she replied, “There was no territorial behavior, but I felt like they were more experienced. I tried to fit into the team atmosphere.”

In recent news, Jay Park, the former leader of 2PM and a prominent singer-songwriter, announced his plans to retire during a recent episode of Lee Young Ji’s YouTube show, ‘My Alcohol Diary’.

Park revealed that after releasing his upcoming album next year and completing his final concert tour, he plans to retire. He emphasized that his decision lies deep in his heart and prefers to retire while leaving positive memories for his fans.

Park shared his feelings of exhaustion and pressure from constant public scrutiny and expectations. Despite his success and blessings, he expressed the need for self-reward and acknowledged his human limitations. The announcement came as a surprise to many, including Young Ji, who initially thought he was joking.

You can view the full video here.

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