Video shows Uber driver’s surprising reaction to picking up friend from 20 years ago as a passenger

Video shows Uber driver’s surprising reaction to picking up friend from 20 years ago as a passenger

Twenty years ago Danny and John worked together. After leaving there, they parted ways and continued with their new routines, neither seeing each other nor thinking that this part of their lives would lead to an unexpected friendship. Years passed and one random day, Danny, now an Uber driver, was almost coincidentally reunited with his old friend John. Months after their heartfelt reunion, Danny (@danny.b106) posted the dashcam footage of their interaction to his TikTok. Before he knew it, the video was making the rounds, causing a domino of happy feelings among netizens.

Representative image source: Pexels |  Tim Samuel
Representative image Source: Pexels | Tim Samuel

“When you ride with Uber, pick up a passenger and realize it’s an old friend you haven’t seen in 20 years,” the Dallas, Texas driver wrote in the video’s caption. The 45-second footage shows driver Danny sitting in the front seat of the car, wearing his seatbelt, just as a passenger, later revealed to be John, opens the back door of the car and slips inside.

Representative image source: A phone is held next to an Uber car showing the Uber app on July 22, 2023 in England. (Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images)
Representative image source: On July 22, 2023 in England, a phone is held next to an Uber car with the Uber app on it. (Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images)

In the video, dated January 19, 2024, Danny greets his passenger, who does not yet know who he is. As the car propels itself along the road, the two men engage in lighthearted conversation, talking about things like the weather. Then the passenger abruptly asks Danny, “So what’s your name, man?” “Your name is Danny,” he answers. The passenger says, “I know you. You know me.”

Puzzled, Danny looks in the rearview mirror and then tilts his head to get a better look at the backseat passenger. And when he sees him, his whole demeanor changes from formal to informal. “Man, hell yeah!” Danny exclaims, “John! What the f***!” Both men burst out laughing, but John’s particular laughter caught the attention of the people, who said it was so hearty.

Their interaction continued in the comments section when John saw the video. “Danny are you seeing this!!? WOW! Let’s do more!” John said in a comment. Danny responded, “This is the OG John right here! Totally agree! We are TT (TikTok) famous Bro! Who knew? What an amazing reaction, I didn’t expect it.” The video has nearly 8,000 comments and over 9 million views.

Image source: TikTok |  @johnjohnson8870
Image source: TikTok | @johnjohnson8870

One TikToker, @canttachthis, commented: “We need more John and Danny!!” while @clown209_ said: “Time flies. We get old but the friends we had, remember the times we had ain’t over for 20 years.”

Image source: TikTok |  @mkearney331
Image Source: TikTok | @mkearney331

When people urged him to post the full reunion footage, Danny later posted a “Part 2” that was about 5 minutes long. In this video, John said he was thinking about Danny a month before they reunited. John is a businessman who works in Oklahoma. “Bro this is the best interaction I’ve ever seen. These guys are family,” @_franchi07 commented on the video.

People urged Danny to keep in touch with his friend, to which he said: “I will hopefully never lose touch again. There was no Facebook or social media to keep in touch back then.” As evidenced by some of the responses, Danny and John first met while working at a hip-hop club in Dallas years ago. He was the bar manager and John was head of security there. He said he would meet his friend for a beer soon.

Representative image Source: Pexels |  Kampus
Representative image source: Pexels | Kampus

The wholesome video was also shared on Reddit’s popular r/MadeMeSmile group, receiving 3.2k upvotes in less than a week. Redditor u/noreplybot said the video gave them “Dillion and Dutch (Predator, 1987) vibes.” When we see how a random encounter turned into a genuine friendship, we can only say that life works in mysterious ways.

Image source: TikTok |  @courtneyloveslife
Image source: Reddit | u/courtneyloveslife

Watch the heartwarming images here:

You can follow driver Danny on TikTok for more interactions between him and his friend John.