Milestone interest for FNPF members – FBC News

Milestone interest for FNPF members – FBC News

Milestone interest for FNPF members – FBC News

The Fiji National Provident Fund pays the highest interest rate in twenty years at eight percent.

A total of $561.5 million will be paid out to the accounts of 417,722 members on Sunday, June 30.

According to Chief Executive Viliame Vodonaivalu, this remarkable achievement is a testament to the effectiveness of FNFP’s investment strategies. These have been carefully developed to optimize returns, diversify our portfolio and focus on resilient sectors for sustainable growth.

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Vodonaivalu says the increase in income is due to several key factors.

CEO of FNPF, Chief Executive Viliame Vodonaivalu

He adds that government bonds have been a major source of total income, accounting for 30% of the total.

Equities also performed well, contributing 51%, commercial debt 11% and real estate and other portfolios 8%.

Vodonaivalu says these results align with FNPF’s core strategies of optimizing existing investments, diversifying across asset classes and focusing on resilient sectors for sustainable returns.

Of the equity and commercial debt income, the Fund’s telecommunications assets generated nine percent and its hotel assets 24 percent.

He adds that these strategies have collectively enabled the FNPF to deliver excellent results and confirm our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our FNPF members.

Vodonaivalu says some of its recent investments are evidence of its forward-looking strategy, such as the acquisition of stakes in Future Farms – Rooster Chicken and Fletcher Higgins from Fletcher Construction and its mixed commercial and industrial real estate assets.

He adds that the Fund’s offshore investments, although limited, have grown exponentially and generated good returns.

Vodonaivalu emphasizes that the Fund also strives to provide members with satisfying digital experiences, such as the myFNPF app, the employer portal and enabling online payment solutions.

From Monday 1 July, members can view their new balance via the myFNPF app and other digital platforms.

FNPF’s digital platforms will be offline on Sunday, June 30 from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM.