Did GM Bill Armstrong just leak it? – Deseret News

Did GM Bill Armstrong just leak it?  – Deseret News

On Friday night after the first round of the 2024 NHL Draft in Las Vegas, Utah Hockey Club General Manager Bill Armstrong met with the media to ask questions about his two picks, Tij Iginla and Cole Beaudoin.

At one point, Armstrong was asked when he knew Iginla would be available to take with the sixth overall pick. Did he leak the future name of the team, or perhaps at least share his favorite?

“When we got to Pick 5, we knew,” Armstrong said of Iginla’s availability. “That’s when we knew he was going to be a Utah Yeti, I guess.”

A reporter later asked about Armstrong’s use of the Utah Yeti.

“I don’t get to choose the name, but I think the little kids in Utah vote about 25 times a day, so I think they got the name.”

As Armstrong mentioned, a voting process is underway for fans to have their say on the team’s future name. It started with 20 picks and has been whittled down to six — Utah Yeti, Utah Hockey Club, Utah Outlaws, Utah Venom, Utah Mammoth and Utah Blizzard.

The team will be known as Utah Hockey Club through at least the 2024-25 season. If another name is chosen as the permanent name, it will be changed prior to the 2025-26 season.