Another Hollyoaks star leaves the show

Another Hollyoaks star leaves the show

Oak trees spoilers follow.

Jon-Paul Bell looks set to leave his role as Beau Ramsey in Hollyoaks.

The Sun reports that the actor will leave the series after two years in the lead role. Digital spy has contacted Hollyoaks producers Lime Pictures for clarification but they declined to comment.

Bell has also made no comment on his reported departure from Hollyoaks, although he no longer refers to E4’s first streaming soap in his Instagram bio.

The actor first appeared in Hollyoaks in 2022 as Tony Hutchinson’s long-lost son after his brief affair with Sarah Ramsey in 1996.

Beau Ramsey in HollyoaksBeau Ramsey in Hollyoaks

Lime Photos

Beau has since been in a romance with Kitty Draper and recently discovered that she has been using a stolen identity to build a new life away from her abusive father Declan Hawthorne.

The couple were implicated in the death of the evil Declan after the deranged preacher kidnapped Kitty to hold her hostage in their family cabin. Beau and Kitty later covered up Declan’s death, but aroused Freddie Roscoe’s suspicions.

Hollyoaks is undergoing a major cast reduction to make the switch from five weekly episodes to three, as part of a strategy to stream the series primarily.

Regular cast member Steph Waring has confirmed that her character Cindy has been axed from Hollyoaks as part of the cast reduction, with Jamie Lomas (Warren) and Ross Adams (Scott) also leaving.

Other upcoming cast exits are expected for Jonas Khan (Zain), Glynis Barber (Norma), Emma Rigby (Hannah) and Matthew James-Bailey (Ethan).

Scott Drinkwell and Beau Ramsey in HollyoaksScott Drinkwell and Beau Ramsey in Hollyoaks

Scott and Beau will both leave HollyoaksLime Photos

Hollyoaks will address the cast’s departure in September with a time jump to bring storylines forward a year.

“It’s not kind to our characters or our audience to have a long series of goodbyes on screen, and an over-the-top stunt didn’t feel like the right approach,” said producer Hannah Cheers. “We also want the flexibility to revisit favorite characters and we were really excited about how that would work.

“We believe this creative approach will celebrate the uniqueness of Hollyoaks and serve and honor our amazing characters – taking us into exciting new territory as we pave the way for our 30th anniversary in 2025.”

Hollyoaks streams online first via Channel 4 every weekday at 7:30pm. The episodes will air the following day on E4, before making their YouTube premiere the following week.

Select omnibus episodes are available via Prime video.

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