After 84 years, Shazam’s full power is revealed and he is in fact a God

After 84 years, Shazam’s full power is revealed and he is in fact a God


  • Shazam’s powers increase as he grows wiser, causing a rift between Billy Batson and his alter ego, the Captain.
  • Billy’s negative emotions cause magical leaks, turning people into monsters and threatening the DC Universe.
  • The rift between Billy and the Captain must be bridged to prevent further destruction in the DC Universe.

Warning! Spoilers for Shazam #12!The full extent of Shazams his powers have been revealed and he is much more powerful than his fans thought. Things have been stressful for Billy Batson lately, and the latest development in his life has huge implications for the DC Universe.

A boost in wisdom has created a schism within Earth’s mightiest mortal. Now, Billy and his heroic alter ego, the Captain, see each other as entirely separate individuals. This new dynamic has a powerful effect on Shazam, making him more powerful and a greater threat than he ever imagined.

Shazam’s emotions cause magic to leak into the world

Billy's emotions make magic leakage worse DC

In Shazam! #12 by Josie Campbell, Mike Norton, Emanuela Lupacchino, Trish Mulvihill, and Troy Peteri, Billy encounters the Captain at the Rock of Eternity. Billy is furious at Shazam, who has tampered with Billy’s memories and tried to prevent him from being reunited with his estranged mother. Shazam tells Billy that he was trying to protect him, but refuses to tell the young man why. Billy storms out of the Rock and traps the Captain inside. But Shazam warns Billy that his actions could cause the recent magic leaks to get worse.

Billy is overwhelmed by negative feelings and his anger causes a wave of magic to flow into the world…

Despite the captain’s warning, Billy sets out to meet his birth mother, Marilyn Batson. Meanwhile, Billy’s step-siblings Pedro, Darla and Eugene accidentally fall into the Rock of Eternity which is slowly crumbling. The captain is there and he explains that the magical leak that is endangering the world is actually Billy. The Rock of Eternity responds to what Billy sees, experiences and feels. When Shazam’s human half experiences more intense emotions, the Rock responds with a surge of power causing more magic to leak into the world.

While the captain explains why he is manipulating Billy, the young man discusses the matter with his mother. Unfortunately, the conversation takes an unpleasant turn when Billy realizes that his mother has had another child after him. Billy feels intense jealousy and anger towards his mother and the life he has been robbed of and runs away. Billy is overwhelmed by negative feelings and his anger causes a wave of magic to flow into the world. turning people into monsters and causing unknown horrors in the DC Universe.

Shazam’s journey to becoming a danger to the DC Universe

Things seemed to be going well for both halves of Shazam. Both the Captain and Billy were in perfect harmony, and the rest of the Shazamily were getting along just fine. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when the mythological figures that the Captain drew his power from began to influence him. Tired of not being taken seriously by mortals, the figures decided to use Billy as their champion and re-establish themselves in the modern world. Thankfully, Shazam was able to make a deal with the wisest figure, Solomon.

The rift between Billy and the Captain is explored
Shazam! No. 1-6 (2023)

Solomon reinforced the Captain’s wisdom, but warned that it could have a powerful effect on both sides of Shazam. Instead of seeing themselves as two halves of the same person, they would come to see each other as individual entities. Solomon’s prediction came true when both Billy and the Captain even started referring to each other as separate people. The internal divisions they faced only worsened when Billy’s foster home announced that they have decided to formally adopt the Shazam Family.

As the Vasquezes prepared to consult with CPS, Billy began losing time for brief periods. Unbeknownst to him, the Captain was influencing his mortal half and even hiding things from him, such as letters from Billy’s mother. As tensions in Billy’s life began to grow, powerful magic began to leak into the world. The Shazam family’s home was invaded by monsters and their neighbors were turned into terrifying bat-like creatures known as Jeepers. As if Billy’s stress wasn’t bad enough, his mother showed up the day the CPS inspector stopped the adoption process.

Shazam’s divine power puts the DC Universe in danger

Magic leak transforms the DC universe

Shazam’s power in the DC universe is hardly in question. With the combined powers of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury, the more powerful half of Billy Batson has battled some of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe. He is also one of the few people who considers Superman an equal. But despite all the power he possesses, No one ever really feared the possibility of Shazam going rogue in the same way that people often fear that the Man of Steel will suddenly go berserk.

…once the Rock of Eternity is completely destroyed, there will be nothing stopping the hidden monsters of the DC Universe from taking this world for themselves.

But now Shazam, or rather Billy Batson, is exposing the world to magic it is unprepared for. Because of these changes in Billy’s connection to the Rock of Eternity, he can no longer express negative emotions (quite a task for a teenager). The more he gives in to anger and pain, the more evil magic flows in, causing monsters to emerge from all corners of the world. Shazam’s godlike power is usually a good thing, but this schism has a drastic effect about the DC Universe.

It is admittedly interesting to see that Billy can have such a powerful effect on the world around him. Unfortunately, if the Rock of Eternity is completely destroyed, nothing will stop the hidden monsters of the DC Universe from conquering this world for themselves. Sure, Shazam and Mary Marvel might be able to keep these monsters at bay for a while, but even heroes as powerful as them can’t save a world full of monsters. Now that Billy’s emotional state is disturbed, Shazam’s godlike power is deteriorating the DC universe by the second.

Billy Batson and the Captain must reorient themselves

Billy Yelling with Captain Shazam in Thunderbolt DC

This whole mess started after Solomon increased the captain’s wisdom. While that has gotten the Shazam family out of trouble, this new situation is untenable. Billy needs to be able to feel and process his emotions without worrying that his amazing magical power could doom the DC Universe. But the only chance he has to make that happen is if he reunites with his more heroic half. Until that happens, the mighty power of Shazam will only bring destruction to the world, not salvation.

Shazam #12 is now available from DC Comics.

Shazam #12 (2024)

Shazam 12 Main Cover: Billy Batson trapped in the Captain's lightning logo.

  • Writer: Josie Campbell
  • Artists: Mike Norton and Emanuela Lupacchino
  • Colorist: Trish Mulvihill
  • Letter Writer: Troy Peteri
  • Cover Artist: Dan Mora