Celebrities: Celebrities join ‘Bhaag Machhar Bhag’ campaign to fight mosquitoes in Mumbai | Mumbai News

Celebrities: Celebrities join ‘Bhaag Machhar Bhag’ campaign to fight mosquitoes in Mumbai |  Mumbai News

Mumbai: In the fight against malaria and dengue, the BMC is roping in celebrities from Marathi and Hindi cinema to appeal to Mumbai residents to take preventive measures against mosquitoes that spread the diseases. Two weeks ago, the BMC announced that it has adopted the ‘foci method’ to tackle mosquitoes; the focus will be on areas with the highest number of patients and the priority would be to identify and destroy mosquito breeding sites in these areas. “The insecticide department has already started targeting mosquitoes, but we need people to also take anti-mosquito measures,” said a doctor from the public health department. People should stop storing water that is older than a week or be careful about mosquitoes breeding in their flower pots. Such messages will be conveyed through celebrity videos in the ‘Bhaag Machhar Bhag’ campaign, BMC Executive Health Officer Dr Daksha Shah said the number of malaria cases was lower in June then in June 2023.

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