Former NBA player running for US Senate plays in Big3 with TRUMP 2024 written on his head

Former NBA player running for US Senate plays in Big3 with TRUMP 2024 written on his head

Royce White showed who he will clearly be voting for during this year’s presidential election when he played in Ice Cube’s Big3 basketball league, sparking outrage on social media.

The 33-year-old former NBA forward had “TRUMP 2024” proudly displayed on the left side of his head in Baltimore, days after the Republican candidate took on Joe Biden in the first presidential debate of 2024.

White, who had stints with the Houston Rockets and Sacramento Kings, announced last August that he would run for the U.S. Senate as a Republican candidate in Minnesota.

He won the state party’s endorsement in May despite his legal troubles, including being $100,000 behind on child support payments for one of his four children.

On his campaign website, White, Minnesota’s 2009 Mr. Basketball, refers to his mental health issues, which have hampered his NBA career, and argues that mental illness in modern society is caused by materialism and a decline in spirituality.

The 33-year-old secured the GOP nomination for Minnesota in May
White played for the Sacramento Kings and Houston Rockets

He also calls for an American Jubilee that would abolish taxes. In the Bible, the Jubilee is the year following the expiration of seven ‘weeks of years’. This fiftieth year is largely about land, property and property rights.

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White, who is backed by soon-to-be-jailed former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, has a history of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), mainly caused by his highly publicized fear of flying.

The father of four was named the ‘mystery pick’ of the 2012 NBA Draft due to his NBA-ready body, legal troubles, point-forward skills and public disclosure of his severe fear of flying during his season at Iowa State (2011-2012) .

He was drafted by the Rockets, but never played for the team due to disagreements over travel-related matters and his contract.

In 2014, White signed two 10-day contracts with the Sacramento Kings, but failed to establish himself on the team’s roster.

The former ruler often shares political messages in the Big3, such as ‘Free the Uyghurs’
White – a father of four – has previously been accused of domestic abuse and sexual assault by women

He then played in Canada from 2016 to 2018, where he won two championships with the London Lightning, as well as the league’s top scorer title and MVP award.

White, a devout Christian, has previously appeared in conversations with Catholic commentator Timothy Gordon.

He was once accused of wasting thousands of dollars in a strip club that only allowed naked dancing, of making suspicious transfers and purchases, of domestic violence by his wife and of assault by an ex-girlfriend.

White, who has also called women ‘whores’ and ‘bitches’ on social media, has previously had other political motifs plastered on his head during basketball games, such as ‘Free the Uighurs’, referring to the oppression of the Turkish ethnic group by China .

He is co-captain of ‘Power’ in the Big3 competition.