Four BJP and two SP corporators elected as VNN directors without opposing candidates

Four BJP and two SP corporators elected as VNN directors without opposing candidates

Six members of the Varanasi Nagar Nigam (VNN) board were elected unopposed during a hearing at the City Hall hall on Saturday.

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Four members from the BJP and two from the Samajwadi Party (SP) joined the board.

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Originally, seven members of the corporatism had put themselves forward as candidates, but voting was not necessary as Madhuri Singh, a member of the corporatism in Nagwa, withdrew her candidature.

Among those elected to the executive are Narsingh Das of the BJP, Rajesh Yadav Challu, Sushil Kumar Gupta, Hanuman Prasad and Amardev Yadav and Pramod Rai of the SP.

Mayor Ashok Kumar Tiwari welcomed the newly elected members by presenting them with a garland and wished them all the best in their roles.

Accountant Manoj Tripathi informed that each party had 20 minutes to finalize their nominations. After the time was up, the nominators and candidates were announced: Raj Kapoor Chaudhary nominated Pramod Kumar Rai, Harun Ansari nominated Amardev Yadav, Praveen Rai nominated Madhuri Singh, Sanjay Kumar Gujarati nominated Rajesh Yadav Challu and Suresh Kumar Chaurasia nominated Hanuman Prasad, Sushil Kumar Gupta and Narsingh Das.

Pramod Rai was also the previous director. Sushil Kumar Gupta was re-elected as executive member for the second time, Amardev Yadav for the fourth time and Rajesh Yadav Challu and Narsingh Das for the third time.

Minister of State, Independent Prosecutor Ravindra Jaiswal, MLC Hansraj Vishwakarma, MLC Dharmendra Rai, Sindhu Sonkar, Suresh Patel Guddu, Chandranath Mukherjee, Bablu Shah, Mohammad Irfan, Rohit Kumar Mishra, Rajendra Maurya, Madan Mohan Dubey, Vinay Sadeja and Municipal Commissioner Akshat Verma were also present.

Mayor Ashok Tiwari addressed complaints about officials not responding to calls from corporations and stressed that officials should empathise with the concerns of public representatives and work diligently.