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As the seasons change and Tokyo transitions from darker, more muted winter tones to brighter spring colors, we’ve rounded up some lip products that drugstore employees recommend for spring 2024. Follow the latest trends in Tokyo with our guide to the hottest Japanese lip products you can buy can now be found at your local drugstore.

Bright and youthful

Roman & n.d

Rom&nd is a South Korean cosmetics brand that has become very popular in Tokyo with the rise of K-beauty products. They have several lines of both glossy and matte lip products, so there are plenty of options to choose from.

The Juicy Lasting shade:

The Juicy Lasting shade is their classic lip product and definitely their best seller. If you’re looking for a bright lip tint with a nice glossy finish, this is perfect. The lip tints have a fragrant, fruity scent and apply quite evenly. I especially like that the tint makes your lips shiny without being too heavy or sticky.

Cost : ¥1,320

The Zero Velvet shade:

Rom&nd also has a line of matte lip tints that come in a selection of berry shades. The colors are very pigmented and I found the lip tint to be quite hydrating as well, which is impressive considering so many matte lip products can leave your lips feeling dry.

Cost : ¥1,320

Can make

Canmake is a brand that is widely available in drugstores in Japan and is a staple brand for youthful makeup. Compared to some of the other products on this list, they have a larger color range (ranging from pink to orange/brown tones) and have the most affordable lipstick on this list.

The Stay On Balm Rouge

Their current most popular lip product is the Stay On Balm Rouge – a brightly colored lip balm. I found the product to be very moisturizing and more pigmented than expected for a balm. This product is recommended for anyone looking for a tinted lip balm that they can use to soothe chapped lips. In addition, the Stay on Balm Rouge also offers UV protection, which is beneficial for dry lips or discolorations.

Cost : ¥638


Dasique makeup products are perfect for achieving a natural, peachy pink look. It should be noted that this brand is sold at Matsumoto Kiyoshi drugstores, but they are not as widely available as the other products on this list.

The Water Fade Tint:

This is their signature lip product and a personal favorite on the list. This product is great if you’re looking for a subtle, peachy color and a nice matte finish. The lip tint is very light and unlike most water-based shades, surprisingly hydrating. I was most impressed with the application as the product had a very nice even blurred effect when applied and the pastel pink colors looked bright, yet very natural.

Cost: ¥1,650

A bolder look


Shiseido is a well-known and renowned cosmetics company in Japan and is definitely the most luxurious brand on this list. However, their products are generally available at any local drugstore.

Dramatic Rouge N

This lipstick is part of their ‘maquillage’ line and has a nice selection of plum and berry options. The products are very pigmented, moisturizing and also have a nice shine upon application, making your lips look brighter. This product is great for anyone looking for a deep pink, sparkly lipstick.

If you’ve ever had trouble finding a lip color that suits you, Shiseido has a very interesting tool that helps you find a lipstick color that matches your eye color!

Cost: ¥3,080

Cofret D’or

The brand name that translates to ‘Golden Compact’ in French, Cofret D’or prides itself on producing luxurious and high-quality makeup products.

The Tea Tint Rouge

This was their most popular lip product and was almost completely sold out at one of the drugstores I visited. The product is branded as a combination of the benefits of a lip tint, lip balm and lip gloss in one. Although the shades are quite limited, these lip products are a must try if you are looking for warmer undertones and a deeper, reddish brown lipstick with a subtle glossy finish.

Cost: ¥2,970

Lip balms

DHC lip cream

DHC and Melty Cream Lip were the most recommended lip balm brands by drugstore employees and are known for their moisturizing properties. The DHC lip cream is formulated with olive oil, olea europaea (fruit oil) and also contains botanical extracts such as aloe, rosemary and vitamin E to moisturize chapped lips. The product is fragrance-free and comes in a rather sleek, metal applicator that sets it apart from most lip balms.

If you’re looking for a high-quality lip balm that also has a hint of color, DHC also has tinted versions of their lip cream in pink, apricot, and red.

Cost: ¥700

Melting cream lip

Made with ‘moist bank technology’, this lip balm melts onto your lips and supposedly reacts with both moisture in your lips and the air around you to transform into a cream. The lip balm itself is certainly very moisturizing, but I did find that it has a slightly greasy finish because it is a lip product that melts on your lips. If you have very dry lips or are looking for a nourishing lip balm to use at night, this product is definitely recommended.

Melty Cream lipsticks also come in a variety of scents, such as green tea, blooming honey, and milk vanilla (you can also find more unique scents online, such as ‘butter cookies’, ‘umeshu’, ‘Strawberry Cheezo’ and ‘green tea’).

Cost: ¥657