Wrestling tag teams that had pointless reunions

Wrestling tag teams that had pointless reunions

Reunions in wrestling can be a big deal. It’s fun to see former tag team partners reunite and, in some cases, find greater success. Sure, many tag teams stay together for years (just look at The New Day in WWE) and others never get back together, but if it does, it could be a big thing. Unfortunately, not every reunion can be this memorable, at least not for the right reasons.


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It can vary, as some teams seem primed for more action but fail to live up to their potential. It can also be marred by other factors, such as injuries or someone being out of shape (see the many Outsiders reunions). Here are ten tag team reunions that ultimately ended up being pointless and not worth the hype of seeing a top team get back together.

10 The Dudley Boyz had a disappointing WWE return

Their last WWE run wasn’t great

  • The Dudley Boyz originally wrestled for WWE between 1995 and 2005
  • They created the TLC Match along with Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz
  • The Dudley Boyz returned to WWE in August 2015

As one of the most decorated tag teams in wrestling history, with title wins in virtually every promotion they have competed in, Bubba Ray and D-Von’s legacy as wrestling legends is secure. The pair largely drifted apart in TNA, with Bully Ray becoming World Heavyweight Champion.

The duo returned to WWE in 2015. The excitement was dampened by a bad feud with the New Day, a stupid heel turn and the loss to the Usos before they left. They reunited in 2023 for Impact’s 1,000th episode, but the old magic was no more.

9 The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff had a horrible reunion

They were part of the worst PPV ever

  • Sheik & Volkoff worked as a WWE tag team from 1984 to 1987
  • They defeated The Killer Bees at WrestleMania 3
  • Iron Sheik was arrested and fired in 1987

Even though they weren’t the best workers, the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff made a nice pair, as fans loved to hate these foreign heels. They are credited with winning the first WrestleMania title, defeated the US Express for the titles in the first edition, and were still a regular team when Sheik left WWE in 1987.


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The pair reunited at the infamously dreadful Heroes of Wrestling PPV, where they lost to The Bushwhackers. They later returned to WWE, with Volkoff joining The Million Dollar Corporation while Sheik had a run as ‘Colonel Mustafa’, teaming with Sgt. Slaughter. But they never found the same success again.

8 Booker T and Stevie Ray were never the same after Harlem Heat 2000

They were arguably the most successful WCW Tag Team ever

  • They hold the record for most tag team titles in WCW history (10)
  • After their split, Booker T had a successful singles career in WCW and WWE
  • The team was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019

Although they quietly entered WCW in 1993, Harlem Heat quickly made a name for themselves as they won the WCW World Tag Team Championship multiple times and had great matches with many teams. That changed when Stevie Ray was injured and Booker T became a singles star. That led to the ugly Harlem Heat 2000 team of Stevie Ray and Big T, the former Ahmed Johnson.

After Harlem Heat 2000 failed, Booker T and Stevie Ray reunited in late 1999, but that series wasn’t very good. They had another reunion in 2015 for Booker’s Reality of Wrestling Company, even briefly winning the promotion’s tag team titles.

7 The Steiner Brothers had a forgettable TNA run

Their dream match with Team 3D wasn’t that great

  • The Steiner Brothers rose to prominence in WCW in the late 1980s and early 1990s
  • They later became WWE World Tag Team Champions in 1993
  • A few years later the Steiners reunited in TNA

In the early 1990s, Rick and Scott Steiner created moves and matches that American fans had never seen before. It paved the way for multiple titles in WCW, WWE and Japan. Even after Scott himself became Big Poppa Pump and world champion, the pair worked together on a few occasions.


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In 2007, Rick helped Scott into TNA and they were scheduled to challenge for the tag titles, but Scott was injured and replaced by Road Warrior Animal. The Steiners would have a number of disappointing matches with Team 3D before Rick was released, so instead of a tag team dream match, this reunion was another disappointment for TNA.

6 Enzo & Cass had an unforgettable reunion after leaving WWE

Their attempt at a reunion failed

  • Enzo Amore & Big Cass have come over in NXT
  • They made their debut on WWE’s main roster in 2016
  • Enzo later became Cruiserweight Champion while Cass feuded with Daniel Bryan

Few tag teams have risen as high as they have fallen as quickly in recent times as Enzo and Cass. They came over in NXT on the back of Enzo’s wild promos and their rise to the main roster seemed set for further success, but was hampered by Enzo’s injury in their first PPV match. A year later, Cass turned heel and they both left under ugly circumstances.

In 2019, the pair reunited in ROH to attack some wrestlers, with new names like “nZo” and “CaZXL” and “Free Agentz”. But the fire simply wasn’t there anymore and they went their separate ways, this time seemingly for good.

5 America’s Most Searched People Didn’t Celebrate Milestone Properly

Their one night return was too late

  • America’s Most Wanted are former six-time NWA World Tag Team Champions
  • They split up and had a Texas Death Match at Sacrifice 2007, which Chris Harris won
  • Harris left TNA and had a brief WWE run in 2008 under the ring name Braden Walker

TNA’s first great tag team, America’s Most Wanted, dominated for several years as Chris Harris and James Storm formed a formidable duo that won the NWA World Tag Team Championship six times. They had a brutal split, with Storm becoming a heel and Harris having his terrible WWE run as Braden Walker.


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For Impact’s 1000th episode in 2023, AMW reunited with Team Canada to defeat The Design, Kenny King, and Sheldon Jean in an eight-man tag team match. It was a short bout that saw the TNA originals emerge victorious, but more of a nostalgia-fueled throwback than a serious throwback for what TNA’s first team had been.

4 The Legion Of Doom’s final ride was short

They lost to Kane and RVD in 3 minutes in their last WWE match

  • The Road Warriors are former NWA World Tag Team Champions
  • They also won the WWE World Tag Team Championship
  • Hawk passed away in October 2003, while Animal passed away in September 2020.

When it comes to innovative teams, few can match The Road Warriors. Their makeup, spikes, and brutal no-selling made Hawk & Animal the most popular team ever. But while they set a new standard in wrestling, the Legion of Doom were never the same in WWE.

The pair had a blast in the early days of TNA, but didn’t have much success there. In 2003, they appeared on RAW, hoping to get another shot at the glory days. That never happened when Hawk died later that year, as the Road Warriors were unable to recapture their 1980s heyday.

3 The Outsiders’ later runs were sad

Let’s pretend their TNA run never happened

  • Hall & Nash (formerly Razor Ramon & Diesel) joined WCW in 1996
  • They formed the nWo along with Hulk Hogan
  • Hall & Nash briefly teamed in WWE and TNA in the 2000s

As good friends outside the ring, it was only natural that Kevin Nash and Scott Hall would often work together. They were dominant in WCW, winning the tag team titles on multiple occasions and forming the nWo with Hulk Hogan, but Hall’s personal issues unfortunately got in the way. Their subsequent WWE run was short-lived.


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Still, that was much better than the several times TNA tried to get them back together. Unfortunately, Nash was barely mobile and Hall’s personal problems were too much to handle at this point. Whether they were called The Kings of Wrestling or The Band, it didn’t matter. The Outsiders just weren’t the same.

2 The Varsity Club made a strange return

These former champions came together for no reason

  • The stable originally lasted from 1987 to 1989
  • Dr. Death and Mike Rotunda won the NWA World Tag Team Championship
  • Kevin Sullivan and Mike Rotunda won the NWA United States Tag Team Championship

It wasn’t the most exciting stable, but the Varsity Club enjoyed great success in 1989. Kevin Sullivan organized Mike Rotunda, Steve Williams, Rick Steiner and Dan Spivey into a heel group when Rotunda was Television Champion. Rotunda & Williams later held the NWA World Tag Team Championship, while Williams & Sullivan were also United States Tag Team Champions.

In 1999, Jim Duggan got Rotunda, Sullivan and Steiner to help him against the Revolution, after which the Club turned against Duggan. Williams and Rotunda lasted in Japan, but never found much success as the Varsity Club reunion tour did not go well.

1 The Rockers reunion only lasted one night

The couple never had a long-term relationship

  • The Rockers were one of the most exciting teams of WWE’s Golden Era
  • Officially, they never won the WWE Tag Team Championship together
  • They briefly reunited as part of Michaels’ feud with Kurt Angle in 2005

Arguably the best WWE tag team to never officially become champions, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty were absolutely amazing to watch. Their double team moves and high flying made them a seamless unit that deserved the titles. After their famous breakup, Michaels became an icon

In 2005, Jannetty returned and The Rockers had a brief reunion. They looked great defeating La Resistance, but unfortunately Jannetty’s personal issues kept them from continuing. Jannetty made another brief return in 2007 and 2009, losing to Mr. Kennedy and The Miz.