Water leaks from the roof of Lucknow Airport’s Terminal 3 after rain

Water leaks from the roof of Lucknow Airport’s Terminal 3 after rain

Moderate rainfall on Friday evening caused water leakage from the roof of Terminal 3 of Lucknow airport, raising concerns over the quality of construction. The new terminal was inaugurated just a few months earlier, in March.

A screenshot of the viral video.

A video has surfaced online showing rainwater leaking through the roof and is being shared widely.

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This incident follows a tragic event at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, where part of the roof collapsed, resulting in the death of a taxi driver and injuries to six people.

Passengers arriving at Terminal 3 of Lucknow airport expressed fear and dissatisfaction over the situation. Sharad Kumar, a flyer, commented, “Water leaking from the roof is not a good sign for an international airport. This shows the poor quality of work carried out by agencies.”

Responding to the criticism, an airport spokesperson said: “There is no room for an incident like the one in Delhi in Lucknow. The Terminal 3 structure is of the highest quality. The water intrusion was unexpected and its causes will be identified and addressed. Every nut and bolt used in the construction has passed quality tests.”

Despite assurances from airport management, passengers said authorities must conduct a thorough investigation and make necessary repairs to restore their confidence.

Concerns among passengers also extended beyond the leaking roof. Many criticized the airport for charging extra for services such as wheelchairs for seniors, highlighting what they saw as a ruthless way to make money.

“Despite taking such charges, they are unable to properly maintain a roof,” said one passenger. In addition, some noted a lack of seating, with only a few chairs available for the hundreds of travelers present in the terminal at any given time.

The airport’s traffic controllers have also come under scrutiny. They are accused of harassing people who park their vehicles on the side of the road to avoid paying exorbitant parking fees.