Lisa still lacks musical innovation despite her attempts to transform from K-pop idol to pop star

Lisa still lacks musical innovation despite her attempts to transform from K-pop idol to pop star

Lisa released her single “ROCKSTAR” at 9am on June 28 (KST). The female idol co-wrote the lyrics and composed the song with OneRepublic member Ryan Tedder and producer Sam Homaee.

The music video for “ROCKSTAR”, which is known to have been filmed in Yaowarat Road, one of the tourist attractions in Bangkok, Thailand, received positive reactions. Most of the compliments were about the fact that Lisa made good use of her identity as a Thai and the culture of her home country Thailand.

Lisa MV rock star

In addition, Lisa’s styling also attracted attention. In the album cover and concept photos for “ROCKSTAR”, BLACKPINK’s youngest showed off her daring charm with a wolf hairstyle that she had never shown before and various props such as glasses, chains and a tooth jewel. As for Lisa’s styling, compliments from the public poured in, like “It’s a completely new image. She gives the feeling of a pop star, like Rihanna. I’m looking forward to the song”, “Lisa is not an idol anymore. She’s a pop star”, “I think Lisa is trying to show Lisa’s pop, not just K-pop”, “I was a little shocked at first, but the more I look at it, the more she looks like a pop star”, etc.

Pop music critic Kim Do-heon noted: “By moving beyond the K-pop idol image and making the music she wants in her own way, Lisa has proven her identity as an artist. This has given her the image of a ‘pop star’”.

Following the trend, Lisa also released sped-up and slowed-down versions of “ROCKSTAR.” As such, the song quickly became popular on short-form platforms such as TikTok, especially the sped-up version, and emerged as a global trend. In this regard, critic Kim Do-heon believed that she released different versions to make it easier for DJs to use her song in their remixes in clubs and parties.

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Raising expectations for Lisa’s collaborations with other pop stars in the future, the critic said: “Until now, collaborations between K-pop artists and pop stars have rarely featured music based on the artists’ identities, regardless of their fame. But with this album, Lisa has established her own identity as an artist and this can broaden her field of work. By combining her musical identity and status as an Asian solo star, collaborations ‘because it’s Lisa’ are possible.”

Among the positive reviews, some people expressed doubts about Lisa’s musicality, pointing out that “ROCKSTAR” reminded them of her previous hit “MONEY”.


In fact, “ROCKSTAR” has the same genre as the previous song “MONEY”. These two songs also have similar BPM, bass rhythm at the beginning of the song and rap composition. In addition, the bass element repeated in “ROCKSTAR” is the 808 bass with distortion from apple to low-frequency synth wave. The bass melody is composed of a single note, which is also similar to that of “MONEY”.

Some people noted that Lisa is still heavily influenced by her previous work, which also became popular through her participation in songwriting and composition, and that this led to a similar result.

As Lisa’s first music release under her own label after leaving YG, “ROCKSTAR” is an important song as it showcases Lisa’s efforts to remove the ‘K-pop artist’ label and solidifies her presence as a ‘pop star’ or ‘artist’, from her styling to the music video. Indeed, the song received many positive reviews. However, some still expressed regret that she lacks changes and challenges in music making compared to other fields.