Nicky discovers the affair between Caleb and Tracy

Nicky discovers the affair between Caleb and Tracy

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has revealed who caught Caleb Miligan and Tracy Robinson in their affair.

The pair have been secretly dating for a few weeks, which is risky for both of them as Tracy is married to his cousin Nate Robinson.

On Thursday’s (December 7) episode, Caleb became increasingly jealous when he happened to hear that Nate had planned an afternoon date with Tracy.

Caleb arranged for Nate to be sent out of town for work so he could be alone with Tracy. It wasn’t long before Tracy and Caleb were once again swept up in passion.

Tracy Robinson, Caleb Miligan, EmmerdaleTracy Robinson, Caleb Miligan, Emmerdale


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As the couple lay on the couch together, Caleb promised that he wouldn’t “stir” Tracy and Nate’s marriage. Tracy confided to Caleb that she wanted more out of life than what she has now.

Meanwhile, Nate didn’t really get far as he was pulled over for speeding and a flat tire on Caleb’s car, forcing him to head back to town.

Nate walked upstairs with Nicky to find Tracy and Caleb together, causing Tracy to make up a story about how they worked through the case. However, Nicky was suspicious after catching Caleb with Tracy several times this week.

Once Caleb was alone, Nicky confronted his father about whether he was having an affair with Tracy. Nicky pointed out that he had walked in on the couple with “two wine glasses and a broken sofa”.

Tracy Robinson, Caleb Miligan, Nicky Milligan, EmmerdaleTracy Robinson, Caleb Miligan, Nicky Milligan, Emmerdale


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Nicky angrily warned his father for risking everything just so he could sleep “with (his) cousin’s wife.”

“If Cain finds out, and he will, and it all starts, I know exactly which side I’m on,” Nicky warned his father.

With Caleb’s wife Ruby arriving in January, his family’s dynamic could quickly crumble…

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