In the last chapter of Brothers: Ömer discovers that he will have a new little brother and goes to his mother’s wedding

In the last chapter of Brothers: Ömer discovers that he will have a new little brother and goes to his mother’s wedding

The last chapter of Brothers or sisters has given us much joy. People Some get closer, others make their love official, big surprises and occasional disagreements shape the main characters of the episode.

First we saw how Ogulcan He remained obsessed with finding the money he had hidden. her grandmother.Big kiss I was convinced I had left it in the stuffed animal E-mailbut the bills were no longer there. The brother by Bicycle I thought maybe he stayed home Tolga and so he started searching through his living room without any control. This of course made his friend angry.

On the other hand, when he saw that his father did not have a good economic situation and no roof over his head, Birch He suggested to Gokhan move in with him in his house. If Ayla He just wants his son to be happy and to regain the trust they had before. He accepted his request and the father of Birch and Elif has already moved in with them.

wealth He felt obliged to explain Sure after he broke off his engagement to her after discovering that Suzan She was expecting his child, so he went to visit her at her home!

The mother of Iris She made it clear that she was very disappointed in him and made it a condition that he would promote her if she wanted to work at the Club again. wealth It seemed like a fair deal to him and he fulfilled his wish.

Thanks to Ayla, Gokhan found work as part of the cleaning service in the AtamHowever, problems due to their presence were not long in coming, as Style He messed with him and Birch has stood up for his biological father. He won’t let anyone look down on him because of that job!

Ayaz and He is not They gave us the most romantic moment of the episode. The first of Sarp and Yasmine has decided to continue selling hot dogs to spend more time with her classmate. It seems that the young woman Honor he really likes it Ayazbecause without her knowing what he was saying to her, he snapped at her “I love you so much” with a smile from ear to ear.

The romance remained present in the chapter with the surprise wedding of wealth and SuzanThey both had clear feelings and didn’t want to let it go on any longer. And there was a baby on the way!

Lidia and Omer They were shocked when they discovered they were getting another little brother. Young Eren He no longer knows how many relatives he has, but he is very happy with the news. And that is not for nothing!

Will you then get into even more trouble? Gokhan in the Atam? You will find Ogulcan the money he is looking for? Will anything else happen between Ayaz and He is not? Don’t miss the next chapter of Brothers or sisters Find out!

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