Jung Ho-yeon graces the cover of ELLE US’s August issue, proving her growing popularity in the US

Jung Ho-yeon graces the cover of ELLE US’s August issue, proving her growing popularity in the US

On June 28, Jung Ho-yeon’s agency SARAM Entertainment stated: “Jung Ho-yeon became the solo model for the cover of ELLE US’s August issue”.

ELLE US stated: “Hoyeon conquers Hollywood”, add “With her first English-language role with an A-list director, the model and former Squid Game star proves she’s here to stay.”

The released magazine cover shows Jung Ho-yeon in a silver dress and her confident eyes. Through various photos in the August issue, the model-actress also freely brought out her visual side with various charms and impressive makeup.

In an interview with ELLE US, Jung Ho-yeon revealed the background of the series “Disclaimer” on Apple TV+, which premieres on October 11.

“Disclaimer” is a psychological thriller series that begins when journalist Catherine (Cate Blanchett), known for exposing people’s crimes, receives a novel from an unknown author. Based on a best-selling novel of the same name, “Disclaimer” consists of 7 episodes in total. After airing the first two episodes on October 11, the series will release one episode each week until November 15.

Jung Ho-yeon also said that she spent a lot of time in the UK to improve her pronunciation and make it sound more natural. She also talked about her worries because this is her first challenge as an English actress.

“Disclaimer” director Alfonso Cuarón acknowledged Jung Ho-yeon’s passion, saying “This is the thing about Hoyeon: whatever she wants to do, she masters it”adding “She is very attentive, the nicest person. And she is fun”.

However, Jung Ho-yeon humbly expressed her feelings about starring in the series, saying “I have more experience, but sometimes I still feel like I’m not good enough. But that also makes me keep working hard.” She added: “It can lead you to forget that what we’re doing is a collaborative effort, and it can sometimes create a rigidity in my thoughts or actions, so I really try to create a mindset of flexibility and openness,” She shows her motivation to continuously challenge herself as a model, actress and world star.

After Vogue US, Jung Ho-yeon achieved another great thing with her appearance on ELLE US. Previously, she was the first Korean to grace Vogue US as a solo cover model. This time, she did the same with ELLE US, which garnered admiration.

Meanwhile, Apple TV+’s “Disclaimer,” starring Jung Ho-yeon, will premiere on October 11.