Moving moment DJ Chicken meets his father for the first time

Moving moment DJ Chicken meets his father for the first time

  • Controversial influencer DJ Chicken was seen meeting his alleged father for the first time in a viral Instagram video.
  • The influencer cries and hugs the older man, unable to contain his emotions.
  • The video provoked a variety of reactions from Internet users, from sympathy to reflections on family ties.
  • DJ Chicken is known for his controversy and this encounter reveals a personal and emotional side of him.

Controversial influencer Adedamola Abiodun popularly known as DJ Chicken is seen in an emotional moment as he reportedly father For the first time.

The video, which has sparked a mix of reactions from netizens, captures the poignant moment DJ Kipvisibly moved, he hugs the older man while shedding tears.

The emotional reunion is reported to be the first time DJ Chicken has met his father, a touching moment that clearly overwhelmed him.

DJ Chicken reunites with alleged father

The heartfelt video shows the two men hugging each other tightly, with DJ Chicken unable to contain his emotions.

The video has evoked several reactions from netizens. Many viewers expressed their sympathy and joy for the influencer and praised the emotional moment of connection between father and son.

Comments from Internet users…

mr.obiteee said: “Dem look like…the man is like an ogogoro man’

ishaqsalawu wrote: “I say he says he’s going to give me 5 million???

austine_fx_ wrote: “Make sure he don’t start kissing a ham oh’

upboy_ranking asked: “Who else is coming that year other than riding motorcycles?’

olamilekan_rs95 wrote: “Someone please help me with one thousand Naira please”

royalchinyO1 said: “He is such a baby.. I feel like breastfeeding him.. aww”

official mimiandy said: “Den resembles the prodigal son who returned home with a lot of money. The brotherhood is proud of you.

ola_dayool said: “I thought he brought a pencil Camry 4 for his dad a year ago”

Official_beyoung wrote: “Don’t say they normally cry normally, na colos deh reason him ‘

odundollar asked: “So that pencil Camry bought him is audio?”

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