Brannon & Biggie Irie Release Cup Match Song

Brannon & Biggie Irie Release Cup Match Song

Local musician Tony Brannon has reprised a song he wrote more than 30 years ago with Bajan soca and reggae artist Biggie Irie that “captures” the “spirit” of Cup Match.

Mr. Brannon reworked the song Cup Match in Bermuda and put together a music video using recent footage from the annual Classic celebration, which he then posted on YouTube.

He said the song is his “contribution to Bermuda” and he doesn’t want to make money from it.

“I met Biggy in the mid-80s in Barbados. He was in a band called Splashband,” Brannon told Bernews.

“I wrote two songs for them, which they recorded: Free and Paradise on the Surface.

“Biggy has been performing on the island since the late 1990s and played in a band with me on Hawkins Island in the early to mid 2000s.

“We wrote Cup Match in Bermuda in 2005 in a recording studio at my home, but I shelved it and didn’t do anything with it.

“I listened to it about three months ago and thought, ‘This is a good soca song.’ It captures the spirit of Cup Match.

“I edited it and then made a video. We took everything we could out of it and pasted together some scenes of the cup match celebration.”

Mr Brannon added: “This is my contribution to Bermuda. I’m not selling it, putting it on iTunes or anything like that. I didn’t do it to make money.

“You want to listen to it, listen to it. You want to see the video on YouTube, watch it.”

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