Ozzy Osbourne calls the rock to account

Ozzy Osbourne calls the rock to account

Ozzy Osbourne has criticized Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson over his cheat day meals.

In the latest episode of the rock star’s podcast, The Madhouse Chronicles—which the 75-year-old presents with guitarist Billy Morrison—Osbourne jokingly said the former wrestler was dishonest about his food choices.

“You know people like The Rock, he has a cheat day,” Morrison told the Black Sabbath frontman, before cutting to a clip of Johnson holding two giant mountains of French toast.

“What the f*** is that?” Osbourne asked, looking at the Black Adam actor puts peanut butter and maple syrup on his bread.

“He’s dying, man,” Osbourne added, before Morrison showed him a photo of a stack of pancakes Johnson had prepared.

“This is b********,” Osbourne said. “He can’t eat all that.”

Osbourne shared a clip of the conversation with X, formerly Twitter, on Monday, challenging Johnson in the caption.

“PSA for @TheRock and his cheat day meals: That. Is. No. I may have to sit you down and challenge you!” Osbourne wrote.

Newsweek reached out to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson via email for comment.

Osbourne and Morrison ridiculed The Rock and also mocked their own “weird attitudes to food” during the show, with the former confessing that once he finds a food he likes, he will eat it until he’s sick of it.

“The real one is chicken salad,” Osbourne said. “I eat that every f****** day. I say, ‘F*** that,’ and then I go and eat something else.”

The rock legend told Morrison about his lifelong struggle with food, telling his friend, “I’ve always been on a diet.”

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“I always thought I was overweight,” said Osbourne, who added that his physical problems began in childhood.

“When you’re on TV, when you’re on a reality show, The Osbournes“For some reason, television makes you look heavy.”

Osbourne said food was “on the back of his mind all f****** day”, before admitting his obsession with dieting had led to unusual behaviour, including spending thousands of pounds on chocolate in a London sweet shop and eating bags of chocolate éclairs.

However, the “Crazy Train” singer says he tries to stay healthy these days, avoiding snacks and eating lots of fruit.

Osbourne quit drugs and alcohol more than a decade ago after struggling with addiction for years. In 2020, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after initially believing his symptoms were a result of his past substance abuse.

In a January episode of the podcast, the music icon told those who questioned his well-being to “go to hell,” and assured fans that he’s “not on his last legs yet.”