Ariana Grande’s New Side-Swept Bangs Haircut Is *So* Nostalgic

Ariana Grande’s New Side-Swept Bangs Haircut Is *So* Nostalgic

Ladies, please let us know if you have personally been a victim of you prepubescent block collar… *raises hands to show collective childhood trauma* Well, whether you’ve been scarred by the horrors of your mother’s DIY kitchen or you escaped with minimal damage (read: a cut in your bowl), the iconic fringe is back, courtesy of none other than Ariana Grande.

But fear not, because she’s put a grown-up—yet still millennial—twist on the classic look. Take note, friends.

As is often the case, Ari took to her Instagram Story to share the details of her recent makeup look. While she’s also stocking up on the beauty mogul’s own Rem Beauty Essential Drip Glossy Balm (which she wears so effortlessly), we’re taking note of her super cute side-swept bangs.

The fresh haircut may be subtle to some, but for the Arianators among us, it’s definitely a statement and a half. See below:

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Her hair is pulled back in a tight ponytail, aka the singer’s classic look. The finely cut fringe takes center stage and falls three-quarters of the way down one side of her face.

But it’s not just the airy look that sets it apart from our super thick blocky fringe days, but the overall style. I mean, this side-parted look is one that really blossomed during our early teens – way back when the Tumblr ‘scene’ era was ‘in’. And with that, you could say it’s gone from elementary school to high school.

Is anyone else experiencing déjà vu?

That being said, Ari has his height Also a modern, 2024 twist on the somewhat nostalgic cut. Ariana proves she is indeed a beauty pioneer by cutting her bangs to eyebrow length, and it’s one we’ve seen Camila Cabello, Olivia Rodrigo, and even Zendaya rock lately. In other words, it’s micro bangs.

So if you’ve been looking for the next IT girlie hair trend, you may have just found it! Snip snip…

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Main photo by Lia Mappoura