King Charles reportedly facing detox nightmare, struggles with alcohol withdrawal amid cancer

King Charles reportedly facing detox nightmare, struggles with alcohol withdrawal amid cancer

King Charles is currently experiencing a detox nightmare following his cancer diagnosis, which has forced him to give up his favourite alcoholic beverages, a new report suggests. Royal courtiers have claimed the sudden sobriety has caused the clipped monarch to explode without warning.

Sources said the arid and brooding King Charles, who is 75, has never faced such a challenge as he does now. He suffers from tremors, violent mood swings and other physical and emotional symptoms that come with alcohol withdrawal.

“Charles was told by his medical team to stop drinking alcohol. Not even a single drink was allowed. For someone who relies on a triple martini right after breakfast to get him pumped for the busy day ahead, this was devastating news,” an anonymous insider told The National Enquirer.

Since the seasoned drinker was in the habit of drinking wine with lunch, an aperitif before dinner, and more wine with dinner, followed by a cocktail or two before bed, the ban on alcoholic beverages proved to be the most challenging aspect of King Charles’s health problems.

“Charles’ wife, Queen Camilla, says: ‘He will not slow down and will not do what he is told.’ There are rumours that he continues to drink, but not as much as he used to. It has always helped him cope with the stress of his daily schedule. Still, one or three drinks a day is considered insane when you are undergoing cancer treatment!” the informant claimed.

The ailing monarch’s most recent troubles reportedly began in January, when he was treated for a benign prostate enlargement. Shortly after, King Charles was diagnosed with a malignant condition that sources say is the deadly pancreatic variant, according to the BBC. This came less than a year after he was crowned in May 2023.

King Charles was said to be in a “terrible mood”, shouting at his subordinates and criticizing everything and everything. A mole says that he has been in this mood constantly since the complaining drinker put the bottle away.

“Charles refuses to back down and delegate to others. People knew him as a stubborn prince who kept sulking until he got his way. But now he is a stubborn king who feels like time is ticking away,” the mole said.

According to the critic, the grumpy monarch is all too aware of the words of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth, who stressed that the head of the kingdom “must be seen to be believed”.

Despite appearing only sporadically before his subjects since his return, King Charles has taken a break from public engagements for less than three months since the shock revelation that he has cancer.

“It’s obvious that a stiff upper lip is more important than doctor’s orders. Anyone can see that he’s in a bad way. He’s got a terrible pallor to his skin and he’s hunched over,” the snitch claimed.

According to medical professionals, King Charles would most likely no longer be allowed to drink alcohol, as he feared it would reduce the effectiveness of his therapies.

According to Dr. Stuart Fischer, an internist in Manhattan, even someone who drinks only two or three drinks a day can experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop drinking alcohol.

“The signs and symptoms would include increased anxiety, possible depression, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, racing thoughts, palpitations and muscle tremors,” explained Stuart, who has not treated the king.

As King Charles grappled with public criticism from his critical son Prince Harry and the alleged ovarian cancer problem of his beloved daughter-in-law Princess Kate, who is married to his heir Prince William, the grumpy monarch was already in the doldrums before he was forced to become a teetotaler.

“It seems cruel to deprive Charles of his main coping mechanism when he is facing so many obstacles. His doctors say it is necessary if he is to beat this disease. But there are those who say he won’t be able to do it,” the source suggested.

Business Times has contacted King Charles for comment.

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