Adam Wingard’s subversive cult favorite gets collector’s Blu-ray release

Adam Wingard’s subversive cult favorite gets collector’s Blu-ray release

Second Sight Films has unveiled its latest release, a Limited Edition 4K UHD and Blu-ray set of Adam Wingards acclaimed horror film You are nextSet for release on August 19, 2024, this new edition of the 2011 home invasion thriller promises to captivate a new generation of horror fans and provide a fresh experience for longtime fans.

You are next is hailed as a modern horror masterpiece. Daily Dead describes it as a “truly unforgettable and instant classic,” while Starburst praises it as “a gloriously gory and highly entertaining home invasion horror whose humor is as sharp as an arrow.” Empire echoes these sentiments, awarding the film four stars and calling it “extremely entertaining.” According to Hey U Guys, it stands out as “a cut and slash above the rest and definitely worthy of a butchering.”

Directed by Adam Wingard and written by Simon BarrettThe film weaves a tale of terror and resilience. The story follows the Davidson family, who come together for a reunion at their lavish vacation estate. The family includes horror icon Barbara Krampton as Aubrey and Rob Moran like Paul, together with their children and their partners.

“You’re Next” is a delightfully subversive piece of genre deconstruction

You're Next, Adam Wingard - Top 10 Movies

Adam Wingard’s You’re Next walks a fine line between anarchic genius and unimaginative trash. Thankfully, the former triumphs in this wonderfully subversive slasher…

What begins as a quiet weekend quickly descends into horror when masked intruders enter the estate and turn the Davidson gathering into a deadly game of survival. A crossbow bolt that shatters their dinner window is just the beginning. As the night progresses, the family must unite against their attackers, who soon discover that one of the guests is just as deadly as they are.

The new release from Second Sight Films includes a range of special features that will delight collectors and fans alike. This expansive set offers a new commentary track with the director and writer, providing insight into their creative process. Additionally, it includes interviews with the cast and crew, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this cult favorite. Essays and other exclusive content are also part of the package, enriching the viewing experience.

Second Sight Films, known for their meticulous restorations and premium editions, has pulled out all the stops for this release. Whether you’re a loyal fan reliving the terror or a newcomer experiencing the thrill for the first time, You are next is set to leave a lasting impression. With its mix of dark humor, intense action, and clever twists, this film remains a standout in the horror genre more than a decade after its initial release.

You’re Next will be released on August 19, 2024.