Paper leak virus now reaches cold desert region of Ladakh, LG says officials failed to conduct proper investigation

Paper leak virus now reaches cold desert region of Ladakh, LG says officials failed to conduct proper investigation

The paper leak virus has now reached the mountainous, cold desert region of Ladakh where Lieutenant Governor Brigadier (Dr) BD Mishra (Retd) has reprimanded the officers for not properly investigating the CBSE English paper leak issue.

LG also took it very seriously when its CCTV camera went down when an employee, who was accused of leaking the exam, took a photo of the CBSE class 12 English exam.

The LG took the incident seriously and recently indicated that he would investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

The matter came to light on June 29 when a delegation comprising Abdul Qayoom, director of the District Institute of Educational Training (DIET) Kargil and Kargil, principal of the Government Boys Higher Secondary School, visited the Lt. Governor.

Department of School Education (DSE) Director Tsering Paldan and DSE Legal Assistant Ashiq Hussain were also present at the meeting.

An official spokesperson said that Qayoom had apprised the LG of the inquiry report into the alleged dereliction of duty by the superintendent of the examination centre, CBSE Examination, Feroz Ahmed – who was appointed as the centre’s superintendent by the CBSE Regional Office in Chandigarh – during the Class 12 English examination at the Government Senior Secondary School in Chanigound. He had alleged that a Class IV employee at the examination centre had allegedly taken photographs of the English examination paper in one of the rooms and circulated it on WhatsApp.

He further informed that Ladakh police personnel quickly reached the examination centre and informed Feroz about the incident, following which the centre director filed a complaint against the accused.

Qayoom informed that a four-member committee had been constituted under his chairmanship to investigate the matter and submit the report. He also informed that Feroz had been performing his duties diligently.

The LG asked the committee members why the class IV employee was allowed to enter the classroom and why Feroz had not ensured that the CCTV, which went off during the incident, was not functioning and did not record the entire incident.

He also asked why Feroz was not the first person to know about the incident as he was the superintendent of the centre and instead had to rely on the police to inform him about the incident. He stated that no proper investigation was conducted into the matter. The LG stated that he would look into the matter and take appropriate action accordingly.