‘Different styles and inspirations’ – Sjava on his new shoe line

‘Different styles and inspirations’ – Sjava on his new shoe line

Award-winning musician Jabulani Hadebe, better known as Sjava, has collaborated with Omega Footwear to launch a unique footwear line.

Speak with The citizenSjava shared the story behind this exciting venture, saying he has always had a genuine admiration for Omega.

“I reached out to the Omega team to propose a collaboration. It was something they wanted to do, so that’s how it all started,” he said.

Mlindelwa Ndlovu, Omega’s chief designer, said Sjava’s love for the brand created a connection that ultimately led to the collaboration.

“In a world full of influencers and paid partnerships, isn’t it more authentic to work with people who truly appreciate and enjoy your product? When we realised Sjava’s passion for our shoes, it felt like a natural fit,” Ndlovu noted.

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‘Different styles and inspirations’

When we talk about the designs of his shoe line, Amaphiko Hitmaker emphasized their uniqueness and cultural significance.

“Each design has its own specific inspiration. The white shoe design shows Amabhinca’s towel, which has become very important in our culture.

“We also have a design that is more geared towards the hip-hop crowd, and others that are more formal. It’s a mix of different styles and inspirations.”

Sjava added that comfort and quality are paramount in this new series.

“More than anything, comfort and quality are the features of the shoe that I am excited about. I like the white one better because it has character, especially now that summer is approaching.”

According to Adrian Maree, Director of Omega Footwear, the brand has always been more than just shoes, but also represents the embodiment of South African style and resilience.

“Once known as the ‘taxi man shoe’ and a status symbol for the ‘well-heeled uncle’, our sandals have become a cultural icon embraced by celebrities and influencers across South Africa. The organic endorsement by stars like Sjava, Big Zulu and Young Stunna, who chose Omega for its authenticity, highlights our brand’s deep connection to local culture.”

“Our sandals have become a staple of streetwear culture, allowing young people to express their individuality and heritage in innovative ways. This growth underscores the power of township culture and its impact on fashion, music and dance, which have uniquely shaped South African identity.”

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