The sexy star who was arrested for going too far

The sexy star who was arrested for going too far

What was she wearing?

YouTube star Maze Lin (also known as Qiang Qiang) was once arrested because of her dress sense.


In an episode of Queena Taiwanese variety show, she said she got into trouble for her clothing choices in Singapore ten years ago. Her fashion philosophy back then was simple: the skimpier the better.

This extended to the shorts she wore in Singapore. They were so short, by the looks of it, that even she admitted they “looked like underwear.”

(I like shorts that) show my butt.

Qiang Qiang


She believed she was safe from disapproving looks because she wore them in the red light district.

It was super sexy, I looked so sexy when I paired the shorts with fishnet stockings.

Qiang Qiang

She felt classy and believed that the police who approached her did so to send her a compliment. The opposite happened, they declared her “too indecent.”

She was soon arrested for public indecency. To ensure she would never wear the indecent shorts in public again, the police confiscated them and never returned them.

Qiang Qiang is a 34-year-old YouTuber known for her outspoken character and sexy body.


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