Unforgettable Night: Kings of Leon Rock BST Hyde Park

Unforgettable Night: Kings of Leon Rock BST Hyde Park

On a pleasantly warm Sunday evening, June 30th, London’s Hyde Park became the epicentre of musical magic as part of the BST Hyde Park events. The evening featured an impressive line-up headlined by rock giants Kings of Leon. Supported on the main stage by an eclectic mix of artists including Paolo Nutini, The Vaccines, Cannons and Gary Clark Jr., the event promised to be an evening to remember, and it did not disappoint.

As a first time visitor to BST Hyde Park I was impressed by how well the venue was organised. The main set up was fantastic, with an impressive tree feature, lighting and top notch sound quality that brought every note to the 60,000 people in the park. The atmosphere was energetic from the start, enhanced by the access to the VIP area, which provided a welcome break from the inevitable toilet queues and offered a variety of food and drink with plenty of places to sit and relax.

The performances

Kings of Leon took the stage with an extensive setlist spanning their nine-album career. They opened with “Ballerina Radio” and continued early with hits like “Sex on fire,” “Revelry” and new favorites like “Mustang,” they had the audience singing along to every song. Notable tour debuts like “Taper Jean Girl” and “Cold Desert” added an element of surprise and joy for loyal fans.

Paolo Nutini delivered a soulful yet psychedelic set, covering hits like “Iron air” And “Sour eyes.” A memorable moment during his performance was the look of confusion on Nutini’s face as news of England’s victory at the European Championship spread through the crowd, leading to cheers that he could have mistaken for praise for his performance. Although his performance was worthy of all the praise.

The supporting acts each brought their own unique flavour to the event. Liverpool’s Red Rum Club closed their set with “I’d rather be lonely,” stirring up enthusiastic singing and dancing. The Daydreamers had the audience moving in sync, reminiscent of country line dancing — a delightful discovery for many in the audience.

The Kings of Leon delivered a remarkable sound that proves why they are still at the top of their game. The band balanced their performance with minimal chitchat, focusing instead on delivering a seamless and engaging musical experience. Their ability to get the crowd excited was evident, especially during the encore when “Using someone” which found a strong response among the public.

Attendance increased as Kings of Leon approached their set, likely due to the simultaneous match against England in the European Championships. The diverse crowd, ranging from die-hard KOL fans to casual listeners, created a lively and inclusive atmosphere. The early drizzle gave way to perfect concert weather, enhancing the overall experience.

Personal highlights

One of the standout performances of the evening came from The Meffswhose energetic set and the formation of the most friendly moshpit ever cheered up the crowd. Personally invited by Kings of Leon, The Meffs’ The performance was a revelation and many, including myself, wanted to see them again.

The concert was a great kick-off for the BST Hyde Park series, featuring a mix of seasoned artists and exciting new acts. From the impeccable organisation to the dynamic performances, it was an evening full of unforgettable musical moments. If this concert is any indication, BST Hyde Park promises to be a spectacular series of events throughout the month of July.

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