Money-saving expert explains how to save money on electricity this summer by using power strips

Money-saving expert explains how to save money on electricity this summer by using power strips

Energy bills remain stubbornly high this summer, but there are ways to keep costs down without sweating in the heat

Sian showed how power strips can save money((GETTY)

Cooling your home this summer doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A savings guru has revealed that you can save money by using a power strip instead of wall sockets.

Money Wellness expert Sian Westley has offered her expertise to households struggling to keep costs down as temperatures rise. While the summer months typically mean lower energy usage, fans, fridges and other cooling appliances can quickly eat up any savings made by turning off the heating.

However, the money-saver has shared several tips on how Britons can keep their bills low despite rising energy prices, which means few households can build up credit for the colder months. A common tip is to simply unplug appliances when they’re not in use, or to use fewer appliances and beat the scorching heat.

However, Sian pointed out an important investment that can save money throughout the year. She advised: “Invest in a smart plug socket for around £29.99, which turns off the power to appliances when they’re not in use.”

Sian recommended using a dishwasher, against the urge to turn everything off and use fewer appliances. She explained: “It uses less water than washing your hands in the sink.”

“According to the Energy Saving Trust, hand washing accounts for 4% of the average household’s water use, while dishwashers account for just 1%. Maximise savings by fully loading your dishwasher before running it to reduce your cost per wash.”

The expert also strongly advised Brits to defrost their freezer in the warmer months, saying: “Ice build-up means your freezer has to work harder to regulate the temperature inside, especially if it collects around the fan. A frost-free freezer will save you money on your energy bills and you can make the most of every inch of space, meaning more room for ice cream and other summer treats.”

A simple trick that may be easier for some to implement is to turn down the heat on their washing machine. While washing at higher temperatures is more effective at killing bacteria and mold, a steady 30 degrees for a full load can still achieve this and be energy efficient.