America releases live LP with George Martin conducting

America releases live LP with George Martin conducting

America releases a new live album, America – Live from the Hollywood Bowl 1975on September 6, conducted by George Martin.

Recorded on August 3, 1975 at the famed Los Angeles venue, the concert saw Martin conducting a symphony orchestra behind the band. The previously unheard tapes have recently been restored and remastered for the upcoming release, which includes all 20 songs performed that night.

Below you’ll find a complete track listing, along with the first track, “Ventura Highway”.

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“We had developed a great collaboration with Sir George Martin the year before with our first project together in London, the album Holidays” explained Dewey Bunnell from America in a press release. Martin produced that 1974 album, which was recorded in London. “By now the live performance had developed into a strong show and we toured extensively that year to large sold-out venues. … George was involved in the planning from the beginning and it was decided that he would conduct a symphony with him performing first, a show he Bond to Beatles and Bachwhich he had recorded the year before and which he then conducted behind us during our performance.

“Now, almost 50 years later, the recording of that night is finally available and it sounds amazing,” he continued. “It is the only complete live recording of the original trio, including Dan Peek, Gerry (Buckley) and myself. I am grateful to have this great sounding recording of that special night in 1975!”

America on the road today

Additionally, America will kick off their Ride On Tour later this month on July 18 in Minneapolis, which will run until November 22.

America, ‘America – Live From the Hollywood Bowl 1975’, Track Listing:
1. “Miniature” (Live)
2. “Tin Man” (Live)
3. “Muskrat Love” (Live)
4. “Baby It’s Up to You” (Live)
5. “Moon Song” (Live)
6. “Old Man Took” (Live)
7. “Old Virginia” (Live)
8. “I Need You” (Live)
9. “Lonely People” (Live)
10. “Don’t Cross the River” (Live)
11. “Ventura Highway” (Live)
12. “Good to See You” (Live)
13. “Woman Tonight” (Live)
14. “The Story of a Teenager” (Live)
15. “Midnight” (Live)
16. “Company” (Live)
17. “Hollywood” (Live)
18. “Daisy Jane” (Live)
19. “Sister Golden Hair” (Live)
20. “A Horse Without a Name” (Live)

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