Pixel 9 comes with ‘Google AI’ powering improved features

Pixel 9 comes with ‘Google AI’ powering improved features

With the Pixel 9 series expected to make heavy use of LLMs and Gemini features, a new leak suggests that all of these will be available under a new “Google AI” banner on the upcoming devices.

In late 2023, a report suggested that Google was working on having Gemini power an AI assistant called “Pixie” that would be exclusive to Pixel hardware. It would use Gmail, Maps and other “data from Google products” on your phone to create a highly “personalized version of the Google Assistant.”

Little was known about how this would manifest, but details provided by Android Authority have given a sneak peek at what we can expect, including the new name of “Google AI.” This report also suggests that the Pixel 9 will come with a feature that looks eerily similar to the somewhat controversial Microsoft Recall feature.

Another touted Google AI feature is “Add Me.” This camera feature is described as “making sure everyone is in a group shot,” according to screenshots. It could be an add-on or extension of the Pixel 8’s “Best Take” feature, which lets you customize subjects’ facial reactions in group shots.

Google AI
Image: Android Authority

“Studio” is another new feature within Google’s AI suite. According to the report, it’s simply the new name for the “Creative Assistant” app, which was previously described as an extension of generative AI tools. Interestingly, the accompanying screenshot briefly mentions that with Studio, you “imagine it” and “Pixel it creates it.”

No other details were shared about how this might be possible, but we could see some of the Imagen 2, VideoFX or Veo and ImageFX applied here to enable the Studio feature on Pixel 9 series devices.

The final new feature described in this leak is called “Pixel Screenshots.” It lets you use AI to sift through screenshots and use them as a vast library of information and context. You can “summarize new and existing screenshots” to answer “questions about the information in them.”

As noted, this is similar to Microsoft’s proposed implementation of the Recall feature in Windows 11. Like the recent changes to the Windows feature, Google is making this an explicitly opt-in AI feature. It can be disabled at any time, and will only apply to screenshots you’ve taken directly. This could make Pixel Screenshots more secure than actively scanning your entire on-device image library.

However, it will be able to scrape metadata, web links, app names, and dates to get a contextual view of each screenshot. Everything is processed on the device, so nothing is sent off to the cloud – another potential privacy bonus.

We won’t have to wait long to see what “Google AI” brings to the table with the Pixel 9 series. Three slab-style handsets and a foldable are expected to be unveiled on August 13 at Made by Google, hosted in Mountain View.

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