Mt Piper unit 1 offline until Monday 24 June with boiler tube leak

Mt Piper unit 1 offline until Monday 24 June with boiler tube leak

Some readers may be wondering why the current forecast is that the NEM-wide IRPM could be lower tonight than yesterday evening (as noted earlier this morning).

One contributing factor will be that Mt Piper Unit 1 went offline overnight, as captured here in this email alert from the ‘Notifications’ widget in ez2view:

Mt Piper unit 1 offline until Monday 24 June with boiler tube leak

As seen above, the unit was offline at 1:20 AM on Tuesday, June 18, 2024.

Since this is before the 4am ‘end of market day’ timing, I expected to see a reason for the glitch in the ‘next day public’ bid ranges – which we can view using the ‘Bids & Offers’ widget in ez2view as shown here:


Highlighted at the bottom (i.e. the last bid or rebid we can see at this point) was the rebid AEMO received at 9:12 p.m., referring to ‘boiler pipe leak’ in the reason for rebidding. Not shown here, but the ‘Bid Comparison’ feature confirms that this was the rebid in which the generator signaled its intention to take the unit offline overnight.

With ~12l hours having passed on Tuesday 18 June 2024, we can expect that more information from the generator regarding the expected return to service date will now be visible in the ‘Generator Faults’ widget in ez2view, as shown here:


Due to the peculiarities of the forward-looking MT PASA DUID availability dataset:

1) Data for the next four days (i.e. Wednesday 19, Thursday 20, Friday 21, and Saturday 22 June) has not been updated to reflect the unit’s recent state change;

2) However, the data as of Sunday 23 June is from today, and as such:

(a) We see unit availability set at 0MW for Sunday 23 June; And

(b) We see unit availability set at 720 MW for Monday June 24, 2024.

…indicating that the generator’s current expectation is that the unit will be back online sometime on Monday, June 24, 2024.