Cannes Lions Grand Prix: “This campaign demonstrates the true power of creativity”

Cannes Lions Grand Prix: “This campaign demonstrates the true power of creativity”

Cannes Lions Grand Prix: “This campaign demonstrates the true power of creativity”UN Women and IMPACT BBDO’s ‘Child Wedding Cards’ campaign has just won the coveted Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Good in Health.

The low-budget direct-mail campaign directly involved lawmakers in Pakistan by sending them invitation cards to a child’s fictional wedding.

Invitation cards designed entirely by children, aged 5 to 15 years.

Pakistan currently has the sixth highest number of child brides, and efforts are underway to raise the minimum age for marriage to 18.

Lawmakers who received the child marriage cards continued to make videos of themselves holding up the cards while reaffirming their commitment to the fight against child marriage. Dozens of people spoke out, generating a reach of more than 25 million.

Most impactfully, the efforts of lawmakers championing the cause have led to actual changes in the law, both through the National Assembly and in the Shariat Court, the highest religious body in Pakistan.

The campaign worked to understand the Pakistani cultural nuance of wedding card delivery, which is highly symbolic of any wedding – printed cards are still delivered by hand even today.

Every lawmaker was directly attacked through the mail campaign. The entire production, in collaboration with BBDO Pakistan, was low budget and cost less than $1500.

A powerful film capturing the construction of the cards, in which faceless children paint and draw the invitations, was directed and produced by Shiny Toy Guns, with music provided by Zohaib Kazi of Karma Kolectiv.

Ali Rez, Regional Chief Creative Officer at IMPACT BBDO, said: “This campaign demonstrates the true power of creativity: the ability to deliver a highly impactful message without having to rely on huge budgets, and the emphasis on emotional tension.

“We are fortunate to have a courageous brand partner like UN Women, who have been incredibly inspiring in the way they have led this important fight against child marriage.”

Dani Richa, CEO and Chairman of BBDO EMEA, said: “Winning a Grand Prix in Cannes is rewarding on several levels, most importantly the opportunity to shine a spotlight on this important cause on a global stage.”