Who is Gypsy Rose’s sister, Mia Blanchard? *

Who is Gypsy Rose’s sister, Mia Blanchard?  *

Shortly after Gypsy Rose Blanchard was released from prison in Chillicothe, Missouri, she met her father Rod Blanchard, his wife Kristy and their daughter Mia. During their visit, Mia gave Gypsy some sisterly advice and opened up on camera about how she felt about her father paying attention to Gypsy when she was used to being the only girl in the family.

Even though Mia is younger than Gypsy, she has more experience in the ‘real world’. Even before Gypsy went to prison, she lived a strangely sheltered life that stifled her emotional maturity and development.

When Gypsy revealed that she consummated her wedding to Ryan Scott Anderson the night before, Mia sat her down to ask if she was doing anything to prevent pregnancy. Gypsy said she was using a condom and wasn’t interested in having children yet. Still, she wouldn’t mind if she did get pregnant.

Mia then asked Gypsy if she knew if she had fertility problems due to all the unnecessary medical procedures she had done. Gypsy said she had two normal Pap smears, but she didn’t know anything more than that. They agreed that the gypsy would soon see a gynecologist.

After their girl talk, the family celebrated the Gypsy’s release with cake, balloons and presents.

“I’ve always been ‘Daddy’s little girl.’ It’s different when a sister comes along, but I’ve had my father for 22 years. She didn’t do that,” Mia said to the camera.

“I know what I have with my father is a good thing, and I want them to build that up too. I want them to have that, and I can’t wait to watch it.”

Mia, who will become a nurse at the University of Louisiana, advocated for her sister to be released from prison early. However, she believes Gypsy deserved to spend some time behind bars.

“I always thought ten years was too long,” Mia said The prison confessions of gypsy Rose Blanchard, a documentary that aired in January. “She deserved to be in jail, but she also deserved help.”

Mia has a friend who she often posts on social media, but she keeps his name and other information private.

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