Mariachi Band at Mets-Rangers Game Pulls Out Cover of Creed’s “Higher” Between Innings and It’s Totally Awesome

Mariachi Band at Mets-Rangers Game Pulls Out Cover of Creed’s “Higher” Between Innings and It’s Totally Awesome

As if the New York Mets’ abrupt turnaround from the pits of despair wasn’t bizarre enough, possibly due to a mystical connection with McDonald’s character Grimace, their strange atmosphere continued Monday night.

Between innings, in the midst of their sixth straight victory, a mariachi band at the Texas Rangers’ Globe Life Field suddenly broke out with a sickly rendition of Creed’s hit “Higher.” See for yourself.

Pun intended, you have to believe that something is going on in the simulation we live in to transform this previously hapless club into a juggernaut that is climbing the standings at such a rapid pace. That or the universe is the way of team owner Steve Cohen, because the gazillionaire who invests as much money as he has to count for something. MLB would have to rig everything up to make the Mets pretty good. Otherwise, all that money — nearly $500 million guaranteed in last year’s free agency, for starters — will be spent on what exactly?

If you’re not familiar with the whole Grimace connection, the video below should serve as context – and MLB’s official X/Twitter account even had the guy on the winning score chart!

You wouldn’t think New York’s little brother the Yankees would have it in them to rally like this when the Bronx Bombers are across the street in The City That Never Sleeps, with the best record in baseball. Sometimes the IRL truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Google tells me that Grimace actually originated as a mean character in McDonaldland who stole drinks from customers, especially milkshakes. Kind of fitting, considering the Mets are fully committed to Daniel Plainview There will be blood on their recent opponents.

There was also a Grimace Shake meme that went around a while ago. The problem was that if you drank that particular milkshake, you would meet a violent, premature end, or lose your mind. Once again, it looks at how many tears the Mets have. Grimace’s power cannot be underestimated.

However, not to lose sight of the mariachi band that pays tribute to Creed.

This great event did takes place in Arlington, Texas. The Rangers Are reigning World Series champion. Unfortunately for the Texas fans who stuck with the franchise through thick and thin, they have been disappointed again this season, as is evident with their six-game record south of .500. Maybe this shoutout that the Rangers took from the Mets can get them out of it, and they can take a page out of New York’s playbook by staging a valiant rally to work back into the AL Wild Card mix.

Whatever happens on the diamond, no notes on Texas entertainment acts. That mariachi band rules.

We can’t do that not acknowledge how one of Creed’s most iconic performances came to be in Texas, especially during the song “Higher,” at the Cowboys’ old stadium before Jerry World. Actually, the Rangers adopted the song as their postseason anthem in their run to the World Series crown. Fans joined in on the funat.

There’s no way to finish this other than throwing it back at it Creed’s 2001 Thanksgiving halftime show.